Pucker Up!: a short story about my journey to smoother lips

I don’t know about your face… but my face doesn’t really like to wear make up all that much. I have relatively sensitive skin, and wearing TV makeup for the better part of the day for 5 days a week can take it’s toll in the form of dry patches and angry breakouts ( that I then have to use MORE makeup to cover up, it’s a vicious cycle!).

Last year when my boss first promoted me to full time on our morning show I bought some fun new lipsticks because…why not!?

After a couple of weeks I noticed my lips were getting drier quicker, and I was reapplying lipstick and putting vaseline on top of that just to make it through the show without getting that crusty lipstick look. At the time, I figured it was just the cold Michigan air getting to me…no, not quite.


Winter turned to spring… turned to summer, and my lips were getting darker and drier and darker and drier (the picture above is from my trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes which was during the worst of my lip issues, check out my bottom lip…it almost looks like a bruise. I didn’t take a lot of pictures without lipstick because I hated how they looked… ) until finally my mother harassed me enough that I went to see a doctor.

APPARENTLY I was either having a bad reaction to the lipsticks or I was flat-out allergic to a specific ingredient. Here’s a handy article about what’s hiding in your lipstick tube.

but… there was no way I was going on TV with my darkened lips with no color on them…

enter these little heavenly babies!


Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments are LIFESAVERS!…or should I say lipsavers?

They’re tinted lip balms, that moisturize and glamorize at the same time.

I have BERRY & PASSION, and wear them on air basically everyday.

They’re $24 each, which is pricey but completely worth it.

They do have a ton of other products too, lotions… anti-aging creams… even candles.

The lip balm tubes are available at Sephora or you can buy direct from their website here.

My other lipsavers include: good ol’ vaseline, and ALMAY smart shade lip butter.

The dark bruising on my lips has lifted for the most part, but there’s some left over damage that will probably be there for a while. If you take anything away from this post, and my story… I hope that it’s to always keep your lips moisturized and act fast if you notice a problem…Don’t just ignore it!





(photos courtesy: Ian Kast)

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